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What And Why?

Today I am writing from thousands of miles in the sky as this plane makes its way to Seattle, Washington. I am scrunched between my husband and another gentleman. Not the most comfortable position for a five-hour trip. Underneath my feet are all the books, notes and journals that I thought I might need while in flight. Smile! Biscotti cookies are sufficing for lunch and ear buds are drowning out most of the distractions. Preparing for travel is not a favorite for me especially when warmer clothes are still shoved in the back of an upstairs closet desperately needing freshening up and ironing. The checklist for a two-week trip seemed endless. Shopping, bills to be paid, house shut down, dog s

Happy Baskets

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11) I remember the night I sat across the table from my friend Ann and the words burst from my mouth, “I think I know your ministry! It’s shopping!” I know that sounds strange and even funny, but it is true. I can’t tell you the times she has shown up at my house with a big smile on her face and a beautiful gift bag or box. The offered gift is always extended with the same words, “It’s just a little happy for you.” It said to me that while she was out shopping, she saw something that she knew I would like and grabbed it for me. It could be as simple as a pack of pretty napkins, bath so

Vital Necessity (Part 3)

The event of 2 Chronicles 20 continues to teach us this week. We have seen that King Jehoshaphat required the Lord as his “Vital Necessity". When faced with his enemies coming against his nation on every side, He cried out to the Lord. “Lord, I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on you!” Brace yourself! Sit down! Throw away your list and listen to the answer that came from the Lord. Make it your own today! After Jehoshaphat and his people prayed and sought the Lord, the word of God came. He answered calming their fears and taking on the battle as his own. Then God laid out step by step the most shocking battle strategy. March down against them You will find them in this location You will

Deeper Still - Vital Necessity (Part 2)

We continue this week to learn from King Jehoshaphat about making Jesus our Vital Necessity. Jehoshaphat not only set himself to seek the Lord but he called all the people to fast and pray and seek God with Him. They were surrounded by enemies and there was no place to turn their focus but to God. Have you noticed that God in His grace allows us to get into situations that cause us to turn to Him and Him alone? In 2 Chronicles 20:5-11, King Jehoshaphat teaches us prayer strategies when we find ourselves in pressed situations: He reminded God of all He had already done He declared who God is He reminded God of all He had promised He declared his own trust in his mighty God He reminded God the

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