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Surprise Gifts

It was certainly not my plan to spend the fifth day before Christmas in the recliner, but waking with the worst headache ever, my plans quickly changed. There would be no shopping, wrapping, baking, or cleaning. This was a monster headache and there I lay all day long. When not sleeping, longing to drown out the pain, I stared at the Christmas tree, the ornaments declaring Jesus, and the few packages underneath its drooping branches. The gifts under the tree are all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some were quickly tucked into bags with tissue paper, while others were carefully wrapped in boxes with pretty bows. Wrapping for me needs to be quick but pretty. Every time I wrap a present, I remember

I Got It

Titus was two years old at the time, but wanted to be four like his sister Sadie. On this particular day, he wanted his chair at the kitchen counter right beside Sadie, to help Nana cook. There was only one problem. The chair was much bigger than him but he was convinced that he could move it all by himself. I heard him grunting and groaning as he struggled to get the chair from underneath the table. I quickly ran over to help him, but he snapped, “I got it, Nana!” He refused any help, so Sadie and I went on about the cooking business. Cookie dough mixed and flour spread everywhere, the kitchen was filled with laughter and fun. Well, most of the kitchen that is. There was one little corner w

Beautiful Broken Worship

I caught a glimpse of her as she entered the crowded doorway. There was a glow about her; a presence; a peaceful joy shining from her face. She hurriedly moved my way and we enjoyed our weekly hug. The room was vibrating with contagious joy and excitement as we fellowshipped with other Touching Hearts sisters. Our worship leader began quietly playing at the keyboard and voices began to rise in praise to our God. The words of the songs were all expressions of faith in Him. “Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus. How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er. Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus, Oh, for grace to trust Him more." There she sat on the back row in humble worship. Tears flowed down her cheeks like a dammed

Jam-Packed Car

My husband loves to tell the story from his youth when three couples packed themselves into a 1959 Volkswagen car for a triple date. Not only were there six people in this little car, but one of the boys was a lanky 6’10”, and his date none less than 6 feet tall. I can’t even comprehend how it was possible, but it seems that when you are young and wanting to make something happen you find a way. I would definitely say that was a jam packed little car. Last Sunday I had the privilege of babysitting my little grandson Asher who lives in downtown Atlanta. My friend Robin, concerned about my late night travel home, texted to see if I was spending the night. She was concerned about me driving hom

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