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Praying for Ketchup

The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. Ps. 24:1 Our conversation jumped around all over the place as we had much to pack into this little window of time. It had been almost two years and our hearts continued to be knit together because of our love for God. We hung onto each other’s words knowing that as we spoke we were not only pouring out, but also filling up each other’s heart. Hers had been a very difficult two years which included uprooting her family and moving to a new city, compounded by many physical and spiritual battles. She had sought out the answers to her physical issues but those answers were delayed. Her husband had fought the battle

Rip That Chapter Out!

Digging through my tightly stacked bookshelf, I finally spotted the desired book. The well worn “Becoming a Vessel God Can Use” by Donna Partow, is one that I have read and taught numerous times. Many sentences are underlined, highlighted, and starred as if the more that I marked, the more the truth would get into my heart. Loose pages were falling out and some were even missing. Entire chapters hung by loose threads, threatening to completely fall out. Carefully thumbing through the tattered book reminded me of a speaking opportunity I had a couple of weeks ago. I presented my story as a book. All of our lives are like books stacked on a bookshelf. When we give our lives to Christ, Our s

Agreeing With God

We gathered for the purpose of prayer. We had studied prayer. We had talked about prayer. We had even prayed but this call to prayer was different. We wanted Him to come close and purify our hearts. As long as we keep our prayers surface, we will never know the power of His cleansing blood. Prayers of confession and repentance began to spill out of our hearts and through our lips as we sat in His presence. We believed his word that says, “Confess your sins to one another so that you may be healed.” One after another confessions were made. None were forced but prodded by the Holy Spirit. It was deep, pure, in many cases gut-wrenching. One confession gave way for another. Repentance came and f

"No Smell of Smoke"

I wonder what it is that you are walking through right now that seeks to zap you of your faith, courage, hope, dream or passion? What is it that tempts you to believe that God is not as good as you had always thought? What fire seems to never die down, but instead seems to be heated up seven times hotter than before? With tears trickling down her cheeks and a tender smile on her face, she shared the newest details of her fiery furnace experience. Amidst all the lies, wounds, secrets, dishonesty, she still held on to what God had said. Many unknowns surfacing daily, yet daily she is choosing to believe God. I see the glory of God on her face as she displays His peace and His grace. I listened

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