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The Hallway In Between

Ahhhh! The week after Christmas! The hustle and bustle is over and a much needed pause is enjoyed. We always reflect on the times we have enjoyed together and give thanks to God for time spent with family and friends. The last page of the Advent book is closed and tucked away until next year as we reach for the new devotion book to step into the new. The pause quickly fades as new thoughts and new “to do” lists move in like a train bursting through our minds as we gear up to finish the old well and make preparations for the new. It’s time for the decorations to come down and be hoisted back up into the attic. Stacks of receipts must be dealt with, not even to mention the abundance of leftove

Into My Heart

The sweet chorus from my childhood found it’s way back into my heart. I sang it as a child and today I sing it with a child like heart. “Into my heart. Into my heart. Come in to my heart Lord Jesus. Come in today. Come in to stay. Come in to my heart Lord Jesus” As I pondered the details of the familiar Christmas story, I pictured Joseph going from door to door searching for a room for Mary to give birth to a son, whose name was Emmanuel – God With Us. The scripture says, “they could find no room in the inn”. I picture them knocking on doors, longing to find one who would not only make room for Jesus to be born, but one who would recognize that this was not just any birth. When all possibili

Come And See

I find myself pressing repeat and singing the same Christmas song over and over this season. I keep pressing hard because I want the chorus to press down deep into my heart. For now the song is “Light Of The World” by Chris Tomlin and Lauren Daigle. “Noel, Noel! Come and see what God has done. Noel, Noel! The story of amazing love! The light of the world, given for us.” It started that very first Christmas at the birth of our Savior. The Spirit of God beckoned shepherds and kings to come and see what God had done. As the Shepherds were doing their normal, everyday job, suddenly the sky lit up and the heavenly choir began to sing. I imagine the Shepherds stood more erect than a line of to

Summoned And Commanded

It is certainly not the letter you want to receive in the midst of the arriving holiday season. But there it was in black and white. "TWO WEEK JURY SUMMONS" "You are hereby SUMMONED and COMMANDED to lay all business aside and personally appear at the Fayette County Justice Center on a December 04, 2017 at 8:30 AM as a Juror." What are they thinking? The first two weeks of December? Does anyone not know what time of year it is and all that must be done? And yet, I am SUMMONED AND COMMANDED. So here I sit with forty-nine other co-summoned citizens awaiting and praying we are not one of the twelve. The jurors will be questioned and chosen according to those who will best benefit the side the at

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