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Martha Wilson

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Martha is a heart communicator who delivers a powerful message that changes lives. As a young girl, the Lord touched her heart with His amazing love and the encounter led her to the ministry of touching the hearts and lives of women for the kingdom. She believes we were created to live life in relationship and fellowship with one another. Her heart is for women to know the personal love of God and the power of His touch. She is bold, tender, and transparent as she teaches women to embrace powerful Biblical truths. Her passion for God and her love of His Word is contagious. She has the incredible gift of inspiring others to “love” God’s Word and to “live” God’s Word.

Martha ministers from some of life’s unexpected trials. She experienced the sudden tragic death of a husband, which left her to raise two young boys as a single mother. She remarried only to have it end in divorce. She sent a son off to war, mourned the deaths of close family members, and suffered many other heartaches. With each trial, she has learned to say, “God is good and faithful.” As others see her response to life’s challenges they learn that God takes hard, wrenching experiences and uses them for His glory.

Martha has led women’s Bible studies, served on women’s ministry teams, and spoken at conferences and retreats for more than 33 years. She has been an active member of her church for more than 23 years. She mentors, encourages, and spurs women to pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus. Touching Hearts Ministries (THM) was birthed from a home Bible study over 14 years ago when the group became too large for the home. God used this growth to expand the call of the ministry to the community. THM provides a safe place for women to experience the love of Jesus and grow as His disciples. In 2010, God sent Martha to minister at a Christian rehabilitation home for women and there He touched Martha’s life and heart in a new way. She was amazed to see the lives of those who had experienced abuse, abandonment, and chemical dependency transformed by the power of God’s love. This same love has expanded Martha’s heart to reach out to women in El Salvador where many are broken and devastated. THM partners with the women there, teaching them to love and live God’s Word.

Martha and her husband Ed have been married since 1991 and he is a vital part of the ministry through his tremendous love and support. Martha is quick to say her grandchildren are the icing on the cake.

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