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Toni Hebel

Toni is a gifted communicator and teacher of spiritual truths. Her passion is contagious to all around her as they gather close to hear her latest “God Story”. She is quick to say she lives to see and hear God. Having lived a life of performance, she now takes great joy in living totally for His satisfaction and pleasure. The year 2006 found Toni in a devastated and broken place in life. It was at this time that the Lord drew her to Touching Hearts Ministry (THM). THM became a place of great healing and spiritual growth as He healed her and put a new vision and passion inside her. THM is blessed to have her as a ministry team leader since 2009, bringing much discernment, wisdom and leadership.

Toni has served alongside her husband in pastoral ministry for over 30 years. They now lead ReGenerating Life Ministries championing the Forgiving Forward message, founded out of their own suffering.. She is passionate about helping all women find freedom through forgiveness, while restoring their God-given destinies through an intimate relationship with Jesus. Toni is a powerful voice speaking the passion of God’s heart—forgiveness. She addresses this topic in such a way that will not only encourage women to embrace it, but will also help them know how to apply it. She has been a guest speaker for various ladies events and retreats both nationally and internationally.

Toni and her husband Bruce live south of Atlanta and are blessed with three adult children who are all active in ministry. They have witnessed thousands of people set free through the forgiveness message. Together they have authored the book Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution.

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