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Just Be

I have to admit, I think most Christian movies are pretty cheesy. Still, I watch them on occasion, especially when recommended by someone I know, if for no other reason than the fact that there are so few clean movies to watch these days. Just the other day I was thirsting for some laundry-folding entertainment when I happened upon a Christian film entitled, “This is Our Time.” Something about it caught my eye so I gave it a try. Turns out, God actually used this film to remind me of something I had recently forgotten. Funny how He does that sometimes!

So without giving the film away (because I actually would recommend it!), the message I gleaned was, “It’s not what you are doing for Me, it’s who you are becoming in Me.”

Too often I evaluate my life on what I’m doing, or not doing for that matter. But who am I to judge? And why am I so unhappy with my status? How did I become so performance-based? I know I have dreams left unfilled. Some days my mind is swarming with these ideas, and others I feel empty and completely directionless. The point is…rather than be focused on what I haven’t seen come to pass in my life, I’d much rather be focused on being who God would have me to be. I think the movie said something like, It’s not what you are called to do that matters most, but rather who you are called to be.

What a freeing truth! If we were all focused on the being, what room for God we would have! Would my hands be freer? Would my heart be more open? Would my mind be clearer? I tend to think so.

Time and energy to focus on becoming more intimate with our Father, might we be free to just be who we were meant to be….in Him? Oh what a glorious, tantalizing thought.

A life not tethered to the slave-driven doer mentality…

Yoked to Him, we shall BE-come more like Him!

Quite possibly….here, in this place of rest, in this state of being, could it be here…that the best work gets done?

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