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“Meet Me at the Table” – Part 1

It seems that the Lord is speaking to me a lot about tables lately. I can’t keep up with all that He is pouring out, so over the next few weeks I want to use this blog space to process some of these new insights. I invite you to my table of new revelation and encourage you to ponder with me what the Lord is teaching.

Something special happens when you sit around the table and share a meal. There is a closeness that comes as you talk and laugh and linger a little longer than the meal actually lasts. My favorite part is when all the food is gone and all sip a slow cup of coffee together. Everyone is relaxed and it seems that genuineness comes to the table. It’s a different meal-sharing than the one my husband and I most often experience which is plates on our laps as we watch something on the TV. It’s also different than the ones when we rush into town from his home place in North Georgia seeking a restaurant that has Wi-Fi. We basically eat our entire meal with our phones in hand, taking care of business and catching up on important news. I hate the meals when I am pouring out my heart and an important text comes to his phone that he feels he has to answer. My heart flow is interrupted and it never seems the same when I try to re-start. We all do it. We have met to share a meal and more importantly, a life and yet we are interrupted by so many distractions that we leave the table with our bellies full but our hearts empty.

Lord awaken us to the special moments that are shared at the table!

When I was a child one of my favorite stories was the one of a short little man named Zachaeus. Luke 19:1-10 tells the story of how he climbed up into a sycamore tree so that he could see Jesus. The crowd was great and he knew the only way he could actually see Jesus would be to get up above the pressing crowd. To his amazement Jesus walked right up to that tree, looked up to where Zachaeus was perched and told him to come down. That’s right! He shimmies down the tree quicker than he had climbed it, because Jesus had told him, “I’m going to your house to be your guest today.” I believe that to mean that they shared a meal together. As Zachaeus sat and ate with Him, he knew the sin in his life and quickly repented. The righteousness of God caused Him to want to make right all that he had done wrong. He repented that day and stood up from the table a different man.

Did you know that Jesus longs to share a meal with you?

An uninterrupted meal? A linger longer time together?

He sees you right where you are. One man or one woman feeling kind of small, hidden and insignificant. Yet there is something inside of you secretly wishing you could just catch a glimpse of Him passing by.

Will you pause and sit at the table with Him. No interruptions. No distractions. Eyes locked, hearts unfolded, every need satisfied?

He waits for you!

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