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Agreeing With God

We gathered for the purpose of prayer. We had studied prayer. We had talked about prayer. We had even prayed but this call to prayer was different. We wanted Him to come close and purify our hearts. As long as we keep our prayers surface, we will never know the power of His cleansing blood.

Prayers of confession and repentance began to spill out of our hearts and through our lips as we sat in His presence. We believed his word that says, “Confess your sins to one another so that you may be healed.” One after another confessions were made. None were forced but prodded by the Holy Spirit. It was deep, pure, in many cases gut-wrenching. One confession gave way for another. Repentance came and forgiveness came followed by great rejoicing. There is power in agreeing with God.

God has used Martha Kilpatrick as a powerful tool in my life. Today I would like to share an excerpt from one of her many booklets “Seeing Him”. (Can be ordered here: )

The Holy Spirit comes and that is His place. His purpose is to bring to you the truth.

At that point, the ball is in your court and you choose how you respond. You can say, “Yes…” or you can say, “Oh, but….!” Or “Don’t you see?” or “Don’t you understand?”

The ball is in your court.

You decide whether you drop the ball at that point – or whether you give the ball back to God and the game goes on.

Most people drop the ball at that point. I want to tell you, they do.

Only when you admit the truth of which the Holy Spirit convicts you, do you give Him back the ball. And do you know what He does with it?

He unveils the Son.

He unveils His Son to you and then you love Him.

You have a new revelation of Him and you love Him and then…you surrender.

Repentance is the door to God.

Repentance is the door…to seeing God.

Do you understand the game now? Let’s go back over it.

God takes the ball and throws it to you and says:

“This is you! This is the truth about YOU.”

And you can say, “Oh, but…no!” and you drop the ball.

The game ends right there.

Or you say, “Yes, Lord, I see. I repent.” You throw the ball back to Him.

He gives you a revelation of Christ.

He throws the ball back to you and you love Him and you surrender.

You throw the ball back to Him…

You are ready then for the next game because it is a cycle that goes on and on and on through life. Those who drop the ball break the cycle and never come to this kind of love that I have presented to you here – the kind of burning, intense love for Christ.

So you see, you really have to learn how to repent.

The cycle goes on and on, deeper and deeper, more and more.

Your repentance is deeper.

Your vision is higher.

Your love is richer,

and your surrender is lower.

Repentance, revelation, love, surrender.

Your vision of Christ is proportionate to your assuming responsibility for: who you are, what you are, what you have done, and what you can do.

Your life will pivot on your repentance.

Your life will turn;

Your life will fall;

Or your life will rise…on your repentance.

And your love for Christ will precisely equal your repentance.

So, you want to see Him more? Agree with Him more!

Lord, move our hearts to quickly agree with You about our sin that we may confess and repent. We want to see you Lord. More Lord!

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