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Postured For Daily Assignments

Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths.

Guide me in Your truth and faithfulness and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; for You [You only and altogether] do I wait [expectantly] all the day long. -Psalms 25:4-5


Being a part of ministering to women is an incredible joy. I have the privilege of sharing coffee and conversation with women from many different walks of life. In a recent conversation, God spoke to both of us. We paused and began typing His words into our phones. The word kept coming and we giggled as He was revealing Himself to us in a glorious divine way.

This life is a divine journey. Watch and Listen!

We sat talking of our journey over the past several months. Losing perspective and focus usually leads to loss of purpose. It can feel like depression, but it is really just a loss of purpose. Season’s change, assignments come and go and in the shifting we sometimes get lost.

The Lord spoke: "Posture yourself every day for My purpose; My assignment. Wake up and dress for My assignment; postured ready at any moment."

You may not know what it is, but there is an assignment every day. It may be a prayer assignment. It may be cleaning and organizing. It may be writing a card; delivering a flower; cooking a meal. It may be to sitting quietly with Him or it may be reading a book. It may be delivering a message or feeding a hungry man. You do not know, but posture yourself for what is coming.

The word purpose sounds like a book. It is huge, detailed, important, life-changing. We get stuck trying to figure out this grandiose purpose. But if we live every day waiting on an assignment, we will not miss Him in the practical. An assignment is like a little slip of paper. It may seem so insignificant, but it is powerful in the Kingdom of God.

Prayer is one of those little slips of paper that gets neglected because it seems so trivial. Prayer brings the greatest eternal value. We want to get on with the important life-purpose, when prayer is the life-purpose.

Little Assignments equal life-purpose!

Wake up! Dress Up! Hold your hand out for your little slip of paper.

Obey every little assignment and He will send more and more and more. We are all on a kingdom assignment.

I hope to bump into you today as our slips of paper collide causing great kingdom impact.

What assignment did He give you today?

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