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Expand Your Territory


In obedience to God’s leading to take better care of my body, I began the weight loss and exercise journey this summer. It is amazing how quickly the pounds creep up and display themselves in the oddest ways. When I first started walking regularly, everything hurt as I panted my way back home wondering if I could climb the hill that stood in front of me. How embarrassed I would be if I had to call my husband to rescue me from less than a half-mile walk. As I continued to press on, each day became easier and I walked further. I noticed that after 2 months of regular walking, I wasn’t increasing my steps.

This past Monday when I came to the end of my street, I felt a push to cross over the main road extending my normal walk to the church parking lot. It had been there all summer, but I never imagined that I could walk further. When I stepped into new territory, I had new motivation and fresh determination. Not only could I walk further, I had new energy and desire to keep walking. I turned up the praise music and walked and walked and walked. Counting the steps and checking the mileage was no longer a part of the exercise.

My street had been my normal walking path. My house sat in the middle of that street and the temptation to stop was there each time I passed by. Day after day I believed I couldn’t go any further.

So what made Monday different?

I expanded my territory. I stepped into the new, and was amazed at the difference. I had broken the common routine and rhythm and was on a new journey. Then came the best part...

God began to speak revelation to my heart.

During the summer He called me to new obedience. He stripped away much and led me into a new season of trusting. He spoke to my heart that when I step into the new season and new territory that He was calling me to, there is capability that I was never aware of. When He calls us away from the comfortable, common, old path, He gives new vision, new faith and new vigor. The perspective of everything changes and we stand taller and walk faster.

The main road that I had to cross over is New Hope Road. I crossed over from the old into the New Hope of the new.

Lord I trust you. Increase my faith as I walk in obedience to you.

Lord, give us courage to follow you into new seasons and new territory.

Give us faith to let go of the old and embrace the new.

What new territory do you need to take? Go ahead! Dare to believe the One who leads you.


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

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