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Dancing To Your Own Music


"Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding."

-Proverbs 2:2 (NLT)

When I first heard about the new concept of dancing at the wedding party, I thought it was the craziest thing ever and yet a brilliant idea. My friend told of how each guest were given a pair of headsets from which they could choose their style of music. Instead of starting out with a song you enjoyed dancing to, but quickly clearing the floor because there was no way you could keep up with the beat, you simply switched to a different playlist and danced the night away. Some would be two-stepping, while others swayed in each other’s arms to a slow song carefully attempting to not be tossed around by those rocking out to their favorite song.

What a concept to keep all on the dance floor the entire night. None had to miss out on the fun because their body would not co-operate with the necessary moves to crazy music. It was never too loud, too slow, too fast or too crazy. “It was just right.”

I listened as she described this new concept and saw a picture of the world we live in today. Everyone is dancing to their own music, their own preference, their own interpretation of right and wrong. If you don’t like what comes up just quickly reset the station to fit what you want. We are a comfort driven, me-focused generation. If someone else’s music gets too loud and too messy we can just elevate our song to tune them out.

The longer I ponder this, the more I find to ponder:

  • It is a vital necessity in my life to turn up my God song and hear His voice clearly above all the crazy around me. His voice must drown out every other voice that seeks to draw my focus away from Him.

  • I need to make sure my ears are tuned to the Master Songwriter. His name is God and He spoke the lyrics that put all of creation into motion.

  • Caution: I will never reach a world for the Kingdom of God if I am unwilling to hear the song others are dancing to. I will simply tune them out and move on to my preference or belief.

  • I can turn up my God song so loud that I never give others entrance to hear the song that drives my life.

  • His song must be the song of my life that draws others into a dance with Him; not that causes them to sit this one out. The purpose of my song is not to press others into my mold, but that my life song would make Him so desirable to a world gone crazy.

This song is called Love. A love so great that it tears down walls and crushes barriers. It crosses the dance floor and listens, gives and serves. It lays down a preference to be loved so that the entire world may know the greatest dance partner ever.


“Lord, may we hear your song clearly and may we be your song to a crazy messed up world. Sing your song of love deep into our hearts so transforming us that others see and hear You!”

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