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The Hallway In Between


Ahhhh! The week after Christmas!

The hustle and bustle is over and a much needed pause is enjoyed. We always reflect on the times we have enjoyed together and give thanks to God for time spent with family and friends. The last page of the Advent book is closed and tucked away until next year as we reach for the new devotion book to step into the new.

The pause quickly fades as new thoughts and new “to do” lists move in like a train bursting through our minds as we gear up to finish the old well and make preparations for the new. It’s time for the decorations to come down and be hoisted back up into the attic. Stacks of receipts must be dealt with, not even to mention the abundance of leftover food.

Glorious Pause where did you go?

This one week stretches out like a hallway connecting the old and the new. As I stand here, I remember the cold dark hallway in my grandparent's house. It was fun to leave the one room where most of their living was done, because the front rooms were unused and held undiscovered wonder. Wanting to explore the new meant I had to leave the warm nest where everyone cozied together.

As our heads turn from Christmas to New Year’s there are many emotions stirring within. Yes, there is comfort in this end of the hallway, even when it holds things we are so ready to be completed and forgotten. The walk down this hallway holds many uncertainties, but we take the hand of the Sure and Certain Jesus and make the faith journey into the new.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Even though the little ceramic nativity is safely tucked away, Jesus can never be packed away. He is born in our hearts and He is alive and we are alive in Him. We carry Him and He carries us into the new. He is there waiting for us.

Obviously the front room of my neighbor’s house also held wonder for her grandchildren. In the midst of food preparation, the little ones came running in, “Mimi, Mimi, we found Jesus in that room. Come and see. Come and see Him and Mary and Joseph too.”

It is by faith that we move step by step into the new, amazed to know that He is already there. As we journey this hallway together this week, let’s rejoice in the goodness of the Lord. It may look dark, cold and a bit daunting, but we know that He is there and the future with Him is filled with wonder and adventure.

“This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you,

that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5

While transforming turkey into soup and chaos into order……

While sweeping up pine needles and folding gift bags for reuse….

While hauling off donations making room for the new……

Let’s not forget to prepare our hearts…

Toss out some old hurts and wounds.

Throw away hard feelings and negative attitudes.

Forgive the hurt and move on down the hallway.

Unpack some new goals and by faith step into the wonder.

Live out of the new heart Jesus gave you as a gift

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