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Filled And Satisfied


When you look into the dictionary searching for the word, servant, my mom’s picture should be there. She loved serving God by serving her family, her neighbors, and her church. She served by cooking and blessing others with kindness. She ran her race well and was completely satisfied loving her husband and children, and anyone else that God put in her path. She wasn’t known for gourmet meals, but kindness. Eating at my mama’s table was an experience of love. She not only delighted in cooking a delicious meal, but serving the meal to whomever was around her table.

Until later years, we never ate from pots and pans on the stove-top. No, the table was filled with bowls and platters. Even when the pantry was bare and payday was several days away, there would always be a bowl full of beans in the center of the table. She took smaller servings making sure everyone had enough and then some. When your portions began to dwindle, she would lift a bowl and say, “Martha, it looks like you need some more beans. “ My favorite was to my brother in law. “Bob, you need some more yams.” After her death, we laughed at how he would take another serving because she said he needed more, but he hated little round candied yams. The sweet tea glass was never half full, because she was watching to be sure you would never run out. She was the servant of her table and she watched for your every need. Her definition of a good meal was when everyone left full and satisfied.

I think Jesus has a similar table rule. You can be certain that His table is always running over, because He is gracious, generous and bountiful. He gave all He had to give. There is never any lack with Him. He’s the God of “twelve baskets full” left over.

The multitude was hungry, so Jesus fed them. He not only fed them, He served them more than enough. Once thanksgiving was offered unto God for the boy’s little bag of fish and bread, Jesus multiplied it. It more than exceeded the need. When all was said and done the scripture says,

“They all ate and were satisfied,” Luke 9:17

The disciples who had questioned Jesus of how in the world they were to feed so many people, now stared at leftovers. More than enough!

What are you in need of today? It’s at His table. He will feed you and feed you and feed you, but you have to come to the table to be filled. He knows what you need and when you need more. He understands when your faith is dwindling or your courage is failing. He knows when you need a friend or a cup of peace.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

He will feed you and nourish you.

You too will leave filled and satisfied.

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