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Get Up And Go


“Get up, let us go from here.” John 14:31

“Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” Acts 9:6

My Daddy had many little sayings that I grew up hearing. There is one I definitely identify with now, “My get up and go got up and went.” He used it when he was exhausted and felt he couldn’t go any further.

I hear his voice saying it when I find myself in a comfortable little hollow on the couch and can’t seem to convince my body to move into action. It’s the simplest of things as getting up to warm a cup of coffee or retrieving the printed document only steps away.

It may come from exhaustion but often times it is sheer laziness. Today, I have a clue of something much deeper going on. My soul, like a broken piano key, can easily become stuck in several settings.

1. Content. As in sitting in church with the people I know or always having dinner at the same place with best friends. Content to just stay where I am instead of putting out effort to move forward and change.

2. Ponder. Thinking things through. Stuck in the mind strategizing, planning and discerning if it is really God, instead of moving by the Spirit. Pondering too long leads to forgetting the last thing I heard.

3. Doubt and Fear. Considering how I will do it; how I will pay for it; how I will get from point A to point B. This one leads back to the first setting to just continue where it is comfortable.

Too much comfort becomes like tacky glue and excessive thinking nails our feet to the floor. Fear shouts loudly creating a barrier. Comfort can be deceptive because it feels peaceful, secure, and right. Pondering can feel like obedience because I am thinking, praying and meditating. Fear might be disguised as wisdom.

This morning’s devotion by Oswald Chambers caused a whirlwind within.

”Whenever God gives us His inspiration, suddenly taking the initiative becomes a moral issue—a matter of obedience. Then we must act to be obedient and not continue to lie down doing nothing. If we will arise and shine, drudgery will be divinely transformed.”

Obedience…Arise…Divinely transformed!

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