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Bold And Confident


My young granddaughter taught the lesson. Mommy took her and brother to an indoor jumping place, filled with extreme activity, fun, laughter and challenge. There were many opportunities that took great courage for a 9 year old, but she wanted to push right past the comfort zone into the adventure awaiting the brave. Backing up to the ledge of the high platform, she inched her little heels to the edge. Quick glances over her shoulder proved the drop to be scary but the foam filled box would catch her thrill with no harm done. She had conquered the forward jump with little trembling, but desired the back jump enough to force herself beyond fear.

It was with great excitement that she returned home with the video to prove her accomplishment. I knew that she understood that she had conquered more than a jump. This day was no different than every other day where her Mom was the near-by voice coaching her to step into the dare of adventurous living. A dare to live fully alive facing all her fears.

The following night the lesson was there again through a kid’s movie. The shy and fearful elephant was challenged to “just do what you really love even when you are afraid and then the pleasure of the experience will take over. “ Sadie smiled commenting, “That’s just like me. That’s what I did. It’s true! Go elephant. Sing. Sing loud. You will love it.”

So once again I am blogging about breaking free from comfort living. Stepping beyond the fear. Pushing the ledge and living obedient lives. As we face a fear we gain courage that we can face the new one that is waiting around the corner. We can stand in the face of any fear knowing that God is coaching us along the way to trust Him in all things. I choose to listen to the voice of fear or His voice of truth.

“On the day I called, You answered me; And You made me bold and confident with [renewed] strength in my life.” Ps. 138:3

I want to live like my granddaughter, inching my heels to face my fears and jump into God’s best for me. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines coaching everyone else, but jumping when God says jump. Running when He says run. Climbing when He says climb.

What fear is holding you back persuading you to stay where you are? Have you become paralyzed in your fear? Have you lost your voice? Your confidence?

Call out to Him. He will answer and He will make you bold and confident.

Inch your little faith heels to the edge and trust Him. You may not be able to see the cushions below, but you can trust the One who is coaching you to move forward.

Peter didn’t foolishly just jump into the water, but first asked. At Jesus’ voice to join Him on the water walk, he jumped from the boat. He experienced a once in a lifetime thrill of obeying Jesus and taking those few miraculous steps on the water. He also learned that taking His eyes off of Jesus and looking into the storm, he was snatched by fear and began to sink. But Jesus was there to catch Him and take Him to the safety of the boat. In my opinion, Peter didn’t fail; he grew in many ways that day. I have never read of anyone else walking on water.

What might we be missing by not trusting?

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Prov. 3:5-6

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