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Do You Know Your Name?


“But now thus says the LORD, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah. 43:1

She’s been dancing in His presence for a couple of years now, but I will never forget her. She made an impact on my life forever as I learned so much through this friendship. She entered our ministry doors bent over carrying a load of physical, mental and emotional pain. The excruciating headaches from the brain tumor mixed with emotional pain led to a despairing life.

Kimberly started out in the corner alone in her darkness but soon inched her way beside treasured friends that she learned to trust. She learned to accept the hugs and dare to believe she really was loved and wanted. As she faced many of her fears and received His love and acceptance, she moved from the corner to the door where she welcomed ladies and made nametags.

These weren’t your typical nametags. She gave you the name she wanted you to have. Often they were how she felt about you or some silly made up name. It actually was a great group mixer without us ever planning it. You never knew what name you would be given on any particular Tuesday night. It wasn’t a brain fog, but the freedom she had found in being loved and accepted.

A small group of us were privileged to give Kimberly her last earthly birthday party. Just days before she began her new dance in heaven, we celebrated His resurrection life very much alive within her. Our bags were carefully packed with everything necessary for a good part. Of course it included nametags. She delighted in being the center of attention that day enjoying every minute of it. It was loud, crazy and silly just like she loved it. All dressed in party hats while blowing party horns, the cake and ice cream were eaten with no worries of calories. The gifts were opened and then came the nametags. One by one we began sticking nametags all over her.

Beautiful. Chosen. Loved. Forgiven. Called. Redeemed. Mine. Daughter. Cherished.

You get the idea! These were her true names that she had come to know and accept. It didn’t come easily, but when she got it she wore her name with pride. Like many of us her true identity had gotten hidden down in the muck and mire of a wounded life. The enemy had lied to her and slapped fake names on her for most of her life. But before she started dancing with Jesus, she knew His name and she knew her name.

Grasping and accepting your new name doesn’t come as easily as lettering it on a sticker and slapping it on your chest. No, it comes by staring at Jesus, seeing who He is and believing it is true.

Only when I know who He is will I truly know who I am.

Do you know your name? Stop believing the lies of the enemy. Rip off those old labels and adorn yourself with what He calls you. If you don’t have a group of believers circling around you helping to uncover your nametag, you be the voice to yourself. Began to declare out loud His truth about you. Throw your head back with Kimberly and delight in Him and whose you are!

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