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Sinking Sand


Stories from the beach continue to stir a week later. The day after writing last week’s blog, Beach Buddy, I had another writable moment. Day four of walking to the pier I was filled with confidence of my ability to walk longer and further than before. I was aware of the people around me and the joy of the Lord filled my heart.

There is one spot along the way that I have always found fascinating. The pond across the street spills through the duct under the road making it’s way toward the ocean. As the fresh and salt waters mix together the swirling and constant motion tears away at the sand creating beautiful movement and something more interesting than any man-made sand castle.

As I stepped down to cross through the swirling waters, my feet sank to my ankles. I pulled my feet up like lead, only to be sucked with great force into the sand to my knees. Struck with fear, adrenaline pumped through my veins giving me the ability to yank my knee up, crawling out to safety. I heard a voice on the beach yelling, as I am sure it was terrifying to watch. With trembling legs, I walked so rapidly as if I were going to outrun the sinking sand. Moving quickly down the beach, I fumbled with my phone to call my husband, clinging to the comfort of his voice. I could hardly speak as I was so frightened, but it helped to recount the experience and to thank God I was OK.

Panic took over and seemed to draw me down the beach to get away from the fear of sinking sand. The entire walk I knew that I had to go back through this spot to return to my condo. Occasionally I glanced behind me wondering if others would make it through with no problem. What if a child was sucked under? With no other walkers in sight, I continued my shaky walk to the pier.

My thoughts turned to the spiritual application.

Why did I keep walking? Why didn’t I stay and warn other walkers of the danger?

It is easier for us to confidently go through life pressing toward our goal than to pause and be acutely aware that there is a great sinkhole that will strike down as many as possible. Abundant life has been made available through Christ for all, but a world is heading to the ultimate sinkhole and there will be no way out. How can we pass through knowing that others are heading right into the trap of eternal death?

Should we not stand on the other side warning others of the danger ahead?

Instead, we safely pass over through the cross and move on toward our goal just ever so slightly peeking behind to see if others are making it safely. We become obsessed with our own journey and our own goal that we forget we are the messengers of Good News. We have graciously been given the privilege to warn others of the danger ahead and show them the way of Jesus Christ.

“Lord, we thank you for rescuing us from sinking sand of eternal death. Give us a heart for the lost. Give us new passion to watch for others and point them in the right direction. Give us courage to speak up and be a sign post pointing to you.”

Now…for the return walk. How was I going to pass through this same fearful spot to get back to my condo?

To Be Continued…

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