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Eyes Looking For Ears


My husband was well into the second day of cleaning the pool and ridding it of all the winter algae. He loves the pool and his favorite swim is the impulsive kind. It was while he was adding another dose of chemicals, that I heard the ker plunk splash sound. I smiled knowing it was no accident. Stripped down to his undies, there he was delighting in his bravery to just jump in before it was clear, chemically balanced or warmed to a decent temperature. He made his way back to the deep end for another dive while I watched him go for it again. As he came up the second time he gasped and said, “Oh no! Please tell me I didn’t have my hearing aides in my ears!”

Oh, Yes He Did!

Twenty five hundred dollars worth of “do not get wet” hearing aides are now somewhere below. Sick to his stomach, he immediately began to scold himself. Feeling quite foolish, the search began. I joined in but the interesting thing was we could barely see the bottom of the pool. We both were bent over creeping along the edge l trying to spot the now submerged aids. Our eyes could not see his ears!

I strained my eyes and prayed that we could spot them, retrieve them, dry them and of course we were asking for a miracle hearing. Straining our eyes to see his ears, we finally caught a glimpse of them in the deep end. With net in hand, we retrieved one, but again lost sight of the other one. Several hours later, we finally gave up with hopes that his son would bring his younger eyes to the pool the next day.

Within five minutes the following morning it was spotted. To young sharp eyes, it was easy to find. After drying with the hair dryer, they now rest in the bowl of rice waiting for the ear doctor to return home from vacation.

In the mean time we are spending a lot of time yelling, repeating and apologizing. I’m praying for patience and my love is praying for insurance to cover new ears.

Eyes and ears are extremely important and seem to be even more important when you start to lose them a bit. But our spiritual ears and eyes are equally as important. The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing. Our eyes may not see, but we can believe what we hear God say. If we stare at what we see in the natural we will be filled with fear and perhaps despair. But if we listen for His voice, we can trust without seeing.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance

about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

Rom. 10:17

Eyes cannot always see what ears can hear. Trust His voice.

The book of Job gives us a treasure on this subject. After Job went through much tragedy, enduring hours of friend’s bad counsel and wishing he had never been born, God began to counsel him. When it was all finished, Job’s response was beautiful.

“I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you.”

Job 42:5

There is a difference in hearing about God and even believing in Him, and seeing Him with your own eyes. It is often through difficult seasons that we seem to see Him the best. In difficulty, we strain our eyes to see what is hidden. When we see Him and hear Him it is worth far more than the cost of new hearing aids.

“Lord, open our eyes to see you and open our ears to hear you. We need you. Guard our ears from listening to the lies of the enemy and don’t let us miss what is right there in front of us.”

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