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Let The Miracles Begin


A few arrive early every Tuesday morning to make preparations for the group of women about to gather. We settle ourselves from the busy morning details to call on the name of the Lord. We seek His direction for the day and invite Him to lead in every part of the day. The prayer that came from my own lips personally moved me.

“Lord, we bring our little sack of fish and loaves. It’s not much, but we bring what we have and we trust that you will multiply it and feed the crowd.”

I felt that I was the little boy in the story in John 6. He showed up that day with his little bag lunch of six loaves of bread and two fish. It didn’t look like much in proportion to the 5000 plus people, but when placed in Jesus’ hands, it became more than enough to feed the crowd.

My “not enough” becomes “more than enough” when surrendered to God.

“Jesus then took the barley loaves and the fish and gave thanks to God. He then gave it to the disciples to distribute to the people. Miraculously, the food multiplied, with everyone eating as much as they wanted!” John 6:11-13

It was many years ago that I was invited to a “bring what you have” lunch. I showed up with my little plastic container of something. I don’t remember the food, but I do remember how shabby it seemed when placed next to the not only delicious looking food, but the serving plates would have made Martha Stewart proud. I was embarrassed and wanted to slip me and my little nothing underneath the table, but it was graciously mixed in among the other dishes and all shared in the feast. I remember the feelings going far beyond the table and sitting beside me in the circle of conversation. As I looked around the room of beautiful women, the comparison continued, robbing me of the joy and intended purpose of the gathering. I too felt shabby and not enough. Not pretty enough, not small enough, not funny enough, not good enough.

Comparison goes far beyond food and dishes, clothes and weight and reaches into the recesses of our hearts like a jellyfish with long-reaching tentacles. It stings and wraps itself around us causing us to feel less than. We spend so much time trying to measure up and be enough, all the while missing the purpose of the gathering. Comparison, jealousy and envy will steal our purpose here on this earth. I will be bold enough to say it will actually rob you of your destiny if not quickly crushed. It keeps the focus on me instead of others.

We all have something of value and importance to bring to the table. God Himself has deposited gifts within us that are intended to feed and nourish others. He created us each unique and wonderful full of treasures to be a blessing to others.

Let’s give thanks today for our bag of fish and bread. Let’s lift it up, giving all of ourselves to God to use for His glory. Someone needs what you carry today.

We give it up. He provides the miracles and feeds a hungry world.

Let the miracles begin!

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