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Reading Labels


I have found Weight Watchers to be of great help in loosing some extra pounds and helping me live a healthier lifestyle. With Weight Watchers all foods are calculated into points determined by calories, fat, protein and sugar within a food. Depending on each individual, you have a certain number of points to use each day and week. I love the app on my phone that has everything I need to keep me on track, including the barcode scanner. While shopping, I am able to scan the barcode on any food and the points are already calculated. Before purchasing I can decide if it is worth the points or not.

I ran into a problem with this wonderful tool. My husband loves finding deals in the markdown section. When a food is marked down it gets a new label stuck on top of the original barcode. This works great for scanning the new reduced price but it does not work for scanning WW points. It wipes out the original scan that has all the details needed.

When God created us, he put a great value on us. He put purpose and destiny within everyone that He created. We are each valued so highly that He sent His son to die for us. He gifted each of us and added in all the ingredients necessary for His plan to be fulfilled. He labeled us: Worthy, Valuable, Wanted, Enough, Priceless, Precious.

Enter….. the markdown enemy. He comes along and slaps a mark down sticker on us. He lies to us about our worth, purpose and meaning. He seeks to clear out the code that was woven into our innermost parts. If we believe these lies, we will not see the points that we are worth to the Kingdom of God. When we accept the enemy’s lies, we will not fulfill the plan that God has for us. It doesn’t change God’s original plan, but it changes our beliefs about His good plan and sometimes even leads us to unbelief in God himself.

I want to shake you and uncover this label trick. When you scan yourself and it reads unworthy, unwanted, clearance, and you don’t matter, go back to the original label and believe what was placed within you before the foundation of the world.

Let’s read one label right here together.

(Click on the image to download or make larger.)

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