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Welcome To My Garden

It is with great joy that I welcome my good friend Robin Dixon to the Deeper Still blog today. You will be greatly blessed as she opens her heart to us. As we peek into each other’s stories hope comes for our own story. Be encouraged!


I was in my garden last Saturday morning and it opened up a most glorious time with God. I was so overwhelmed by His presence, that I knew I had to share it with you. My experience with Him is a beautiful picture of how He fulfills His promises to me.

Andy has been gone for over two months now and I miss him with a longing that, at times, I don’t think I can bear. But God’s presence always comes and revives that longing in my soul. In my garden that morning was a beautiful picture of how.

After Andy died I went into my garden, which has always been a source of joy. But this time it was different. I stood in my garden that day with a heart so broken I literally thought I was going to die. As I looked with my eyes, all I could see was dry, barren land. All I could see was death. No life was to be found in the garden that day. It was an actual picture of my heart. There seemed to be no life to be found and it scared me. During my journey in the last year, I have had one constant prayer and in the garden that day it was no different, ”Lord, please guard my heart”.

Out of sheer will I began to get the garden ready to plant and in doing so, many emotions came. I couldn't find the physical strength to do what was needed, so I began to cry out to the Lord for strength.

Because one thing I know: without the planting, there is no fruit.

(Now that will preach!) There was so much work that needed to be done and there I stood...without Andy.

So, that weekend the kids came and rallied around me and together, like we always do, we got things done and it was ready to plant. I planted that weekend in hopes of His promised fulfilled.

Psalm 126:5-6 (TPT)

"Those who sow their tears as seeds will reap a harvest with joyful shouts of glee. They may weep as they go out carrying their seed to sow, but they will return with joyful laughter and shouting with gladness as they bring back armloads of blessing and a harvest overflowing!"

So, here I stand this Saturday morning as I look at my garden. Oh, the sight that I see! It'a like I'm seeing it for the first time. The Lord quickly reminded me of that lonely, sad day two months ago. It was the day I thought I was going to die. But with every tear I cried, there was a seed that was sowed. Not only did I sow physical seeds that day, but spiritual ones too. In Luke 8, Jesus tells us that the Word of God is a seed. A seed that we are to take and plant into our heart. People would text me or call me with scriptures. They were seeds of hope and I took each one into my heart and said "yes" to God.

Today as I look over my garden, I see the results of the seeds that were sown there and the seeds that were sown in my heart. It is an "armload" of blessings. And even though my heart is still a wonderful mess, it is so full of joy, laughter, and gladness that only can be explained by God.

Weeping may last for a night, my friend, but I promise you that in the morning there is joy.

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