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Summer Gardening


Ten years of growth had produced a beautiful landscape of Hosta plants along the edge of the path leading from the pool. They obviously love their dwelling because they have flourished in every way. The dirt and shade provide what they need to stretch their roots deep and wide. They are actually the prettiest things of my entire yard. They are a bit out of place with all the other overgrowth, weeds, vines and bare ground.

The plants were beginning to merge into each other’s territory and I knew they would be healthier if they were divided. I rocked the shovel back and forth pushing a little harder and a little deeper each turn and soon the entire plant broke loose. It took much energy and determination to get this beautiful monster out of the ground. I was shocked by the vastness of what was growing beneath. The roots went deep and there were literally 40 or more individual bulbs grown together in that one bundle. This plant had definitely reproduced itself beyond expectation. Next I had to use a sharp spade shovel to cut through the massive root system. I divided them into

clumps and set them aside to reposition throughout the yard.

The massive hole that the tender looking hosta had left behind was unbelievable. Obviously, I would have to refill it with something more than part of the original plant. There would have to be new dirt and planting soil to fill what was now a small canyon.

That gaping hole is still etched in my mind as I ponder our upcoming summer study at Touching Hearts Ministries. We will hear stories from individual women of the lies they have believed and the truth that has set them free. Together we will dig into the soil of our hearts with all of our energy and determination, in order to have our hearts filled with truth instead of lies.

We want the garden of our hearts to flourish and reproduce good things for the Kingdom of God.

After 30 plus years of ministering to women, I know there are gaping holes in our hearts. Holes and gaps that are longing to be filled. We usually try an assortment of things to fill up the loss, but nothing seems to fix us or change us or satisfy us. We may try fitness, fame or fortune, but nothing satisfies. We work harder and serve more but still come up empty. We even try a little God, but there is always a problem when we put those two words together. Little and God. That leads to religion. When nothing works, the enemy stands ready to fill this canyon of hurt with his lies. The Bible tells us that is the only thing he has to give us is lies, and yet we accept his offers as truth.

"He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." John 8:44

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

He speaks lies to us everyday and we choose if we will accept them or reject them. He tells us things like:

We are not enough.

We have nothing to say.

We are stupid.

We don’t need anyone in our life.

We are fine all alone.

Nobody wants to be your friend.

God isn’t good to you.

God couldn’t love you.

You will never get over what happened to you.

God won’t provide for you. You had better figure it all out.

I think I will stop there!

Instead of filling the gaping holes in our heart with God’s truth, we have received the lies of the enemy. So this summer things are going to change. Together we are going to dig up the lies that we have believed for way too long and we are going to replant God’s truth into the soil of our hearts. We are going to water them with prayer and we are going to give them just the right amount of Sonlight and shade. We are going to fertilize them with worship and praise. We are going to watch over our garden with much gratitude. We are going to grow and flourish this summer.

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