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What Words Are You Planting?


"Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.

Psalm 119:11

I was clicking away on the computer writing another blog when her call came. It was not a distraction to me, but obviously what God wanted me to write about today. The minutes we shared together on the phone were the message we heard at Touching Hearts yesterday, lived out in the practical.

She quickly told me of the warfare she had been experiencing the last few days. Words hurled toward her had wounded deeply. The arrows sent her way were harsh, mean and evil. They cut deeply and left her in shock. Her household was shaken and she knew that she needed back up forces. Warriors had surrounded her in prayer and pushed the enemy back. By evening a breakthrough came and this morning she awakened with great hope. She knew that God was at work in the middle of this fierce attack.

It was a powerful thing that she didn’t replay for me one single word that was spoken to her or about her. Only that it had been done and that it was horrible. Most often our flesh wants to speak the words over and over and over giving power to them. I believe every time that we speak it, ponder it, replay it or post about it, the words or event grows and takes root in our heart. A little seed of hurt takes root and begins to send little “cucumber like runners” throughout our heart. Instead of sweet, delicious fruit appearing on our vine, we are shocked when we find self-pity, anger and unforgiveness thriving in our gardens.

But this friend knew the power of words and the power of prayer. She had surrounded her self with those who would sow words of truth and also battle for her family. She knew the answer was not to turn to those who would fertilize her wound with self-pity, anger and vengeance. She desired instead to gather the army of God to fight with her.

As I began to pray for her and her family, I could see the garden of her heart. It held good soil that received His truth. And so I prayed into that good soil.

“Dig up those words. They went into your mind, but don’t let them go down into the soil of your heart. Right now I speak God’s words over you. Let these words fall deep within your heart.

You are loved. You are cherished. You are delighted in.

You are wanted. You are good. You are chosen. You are wise.

You are beautiful. You belong to Him.

You are a mighty warrior of God.

As those evil words come to your mind today, reject them. Delete them by speaking the words of truth that God says about you.”

Her response? “Yes, Yes. Yes, I will.”

We have to plant good God words into our hearts.

What is planted there will grow.

I choose what I will allow in my garden.

Seeds are tiny and appear to be dead and unproductive, but within them is life. Seeds produce good or evil. When evil words are spoken over me, of course it hurts, but I must quickly reject them.

I expect to see a great harvest in my friend’s life and in her family. It will be a planting of the Lord to behold.

Come, Lord Jesus, and watch over our gardens.

Produce good fruit for your glory.

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