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Look At The Birds


As I sat to write this morning, I felt nudged to look for a previous writing. I didn’t even know what I was looking for, but this title caught my eye. This blog brings to light two things that God is doing in my life during this pandemic that we are all experiencing. One is the way that He is calling us to pause, listen and watch.

“All creation praises Him.”

“Everything on earth will worship you; they will sing your praises, shouting your name in glorious songs.” Psalm 66:4

Jesus taught us to pause and “consider the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. “

Matthew 6 is a beautiful scripture calling us to trust Him at a deeper level. He is drawing us to a quiet and simple life that has gotten lost in all the busy of this century.

The second thing that God seems to be doing around the world is the calling together of little pockets of believers who are not able to gather in our church buildings. As I said last week, church is where two or more are gathered in His name. Yesterday, on a live Facebook post, I encouraged the listeners to find a little outdoor space and call it holy and sacred. Then invite someone to join you there for church. God is redefining church for us in this season and it is a beautiful thing that is going on. I pray this blog will encourage your heart in these things.

Look At The Birds of the Air

The invitation from a friend to come for coffee was anticipated with great joy. During a previous brief visit, I had caught sight of her outside room and looked forward to returning and sitting with her. She is a gentle spirited woman full of peace and quiet. The outdoor room portrayed her character. It was carefully planned with everything in place. Inviting seats under the pergola surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Bird feeders were strategically placed and obviously filled with the bird’s favorite seed.

As we drank coffee and ate home baked muffins, sweet conversation quickly began. It felt like a taste of heaven. Nothing else mattered for the moment. The cool breeze on this summer morning felt like the Spirit blowing new life into our hearts. It was a Sabbath moment.

The world stopped.

Two friends fellowshipped.

God came close and “touched our hearts”.

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