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No Greater Gift


Someone asked me why I didn’t give a name to Andy’s illness in my last blog. He said, “Do you not want people to know?” I had to stop and think a minute. I had to try to put to words what my heart knows to be true. It’s not that I don’t want people to know, because those who are closest to us do know, but I am a very visual person. When I read something, I can see it. So, knowing that, when you read my words here on this blog, I want you to see Andy for who he is and not the three letters that he has been diagnosed with.

Andy’s diagnose is a violent one and there is no cure. There is no hope in those three letters, so that’s not what I want his story to say. God has already written Andy’s story. He’s just the pen that will live it each day as we look to Him. God tells us that He knows the plans that He has for us and they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give us a future and a hope. And that hope and future is in Christ alone...not a diagnosis.

But with that being said, my heart breaks in what I see happening to him. The reality of it is this: his hospital bed came on Friday. My children were here helping to prepare his room: mounting TVs, buying a rug to cover stains, setting up a side table and lamp and best of all, a chair by the window to see our beautiful yard. We cried and laughed that day as only the Dixons can do. We could probably offend most folks with our humor, but one thing's for sure: joy comes in all kinds of ways.

So when you think of Andy, and pray for him, let’s also praise God for all His good things that He has given us. Let’s not look at those things that try to distract us from Him: like suffering. Let's praise Him in the midst of suffering for He has given us His forgiveness, His healing, His redemption, His crown of love and mercy, and He has filled our lives with His love for each other in a way that no words can describe. He has given us His salvation. There is no greater gift.

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