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Tune My Heart


Posted by Martha Wilson, May 30, 2023

“Create in me a clean heart O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Ps. 51:10

Every Thursday morning, I stepped into the Fellowship Hall at my church where women were buzzing around like busy bees preparing a place of beauty and order for others to gather to experience God. The sound I encountered was different from a typical Thursday. The sounds were like one of a child tapping on the keyboard of the black baby grand piano. The same note was repeatedly struck, making for an annoying song. As I drew closer, I discovered that a professional piano tuner was the source of what sounded like chaos. What appeared to be noise had a purpose in bringing this instrument into perfect tune. He struck the string and released or tightened the tension to the perfect pitch.

The busyness continued attempting not to disturb his work. But I quickly noticed he disregarded our buzzing around and remained undisturbed and focused on his task of tuning this black beauty. The headset covering his ears shut out distracting noise from accomplishing his purpose.

As I moved about the room quietly, my heart was gently pulled into what was happening. The more I listened, the more I felt God’s pulling on my heart. He was actually inviting me to allow Him to tune my heart. My heart belongs to Him, and He is the only one who can calibrate it with His heart.

We are forever in need of a heart-tuner. All of the banging of life can put one’s heart out of tune. We don’t always realize when we are out of tune with God, but there is nothing random about God’s work in my heart. Yes, it can feel like a hammer striking a wrong chord, but it is an intentional and purposeful work of the Spirit to align my heart with Almighty God. His word is that tuning hammer that aligns us with His will and purpose.

My home piano hasn’t been tuned in many years, and I am keenly aware of how poorly it sounds. I don’t know if it has gone flat or sharp, but I do know that when I press the ivory key, it sounds like I am on the neighboring key. I regularly dust the piano and wipe down the keys, but this doesn’t change the sounds that come from the beautiful instrument. Only the tuner with perfect hearing can bring it into tune.

It is easy to do the same with our lives. We can appear pretty and clean, shiny and beautiful, yet have a hard heart full of bitterness and unforgiveness. Every offense can lead to a sharp tongue or a flat response. God longs to calibrate our hearts to sound just like His. He knows how much pressure to apply and how tight to pull the strings. He longs to hold the strings of our hearts and make beautiful music for His glory. But we must allow the magnificent tuner to hold the tuning hammer and create beauty within so that beauty may flow out of our lives.

The phrase from the old hymn is playing in my spirit, and it is not sharp or flat. It is an invitation for God to tune my heart, and the tuner is waiting to tune yours also.

“Come thou Fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace.”

Click here to listen to "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing".

Martha Wilson is a writer, speaker, blogger and co-host of “A Burst of Hope” weekly podcast. She is the founder and director of Touching Hearts Ministries for women. She has led women to pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus for most of her adult life. She is bold, tender, and transparent as she teaches women to embrace powerful Biblical truths. Martha and her husband, Ed, live in Fayetteville, Georgia, and enjoy their blended family of five children, eight grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. You can connect with Martha at: Facebook and Instagram @TouchingHeartsMinistries or listen to the A Burst of Hope Podcast.


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