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Which Report Are You Listening To? (Part 1)


I couldn’t believe it was really about to happen. It was like a dream unfolding in my heart. A week at the beach (my happy place) with my three grandchildren (my happy people) that I had not seen for eighteen months. I had prepared in my mind for many weeks. My thoughts were cluttered with all the details of traveling as a family of seven. Since they were staying with me for two weeks prior to the beach trip, you can’t even imagine all the lists that were floating around.

As the day approached, so did Tropical Storm Fred. He was sending out all kinds of threats to mess up our long awaited vacation. We listened to the weather report over and over, but pressed on. The lists became less important because the reports convinced me that it would be ridiculous to travel into a possible hurricane. The day before travel, I received an email suggesting that I contact the condo to see if there were any change of plans.

I spoke with a man that immediately informed me that due to Fred, our reservation had been cancelled, but a full refund was in process. As disappointing as it was, it brought relief because I hated to pay that amount of money to head into Fred. He also alerted me to expect a phone call or email from the condo management confirming this information. As the day rolled on, I heard nothing. My son made arrangements and reservations for another family outing.

I felt unsettled that something wasn't right. I eagerly checked my phone for a call or an email. Repeated calls to the condo only connected me with a recorded message. Late in the afternoon, I finally reached a real person. The manager was shocked by my information, because there was no cancellation and there would be no refund because there were no orders of evacuation. They had no knowledge of the information I had been given.

Big decision. What do we do now? Which report do we listen to? The lists had long been set aside and few preparations had been made. We decided to wait until morning and once again check out the weather report. It didn’t look promising, no matter which report we listened to. We wavered back and forth a hundred times until the men finally said, “Let’s go. Let’s travel before the rain hits and hope that once Fred passes, we will have some sunshine.”

Everyone moved into fast motion. We didn’t work by a list or a plan, but under pressure. The things that seemed important went out the window as we decided to just pack bags of necessities and deal with the rest later.

With two cars sloppily packed, off we went. I vicariously felt like the Weather Channel people chasing a terrible storm. As we drove, the excitement began to rise. It felt right.

We traveled surrounded by the most beautiful blue sky and gorgeous puffy white clouds. The cars were bulging with suspense, joy and excitement. Fred rolled in the following day, but it was an incredible experience to weather the storm together, enjoying a tropical storm from the safety of our deck. The blowing wind shook the doors and windows making frightening noises, but within the safety of our family, we were full of joy. The day was filled with games, coloring, reading and music, but mostly viewing the magnificent ocean. The power and grandeur of the wind and waves displayed the glory of our mighty God.

The following day was absolutely perfect. Beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies. Riding waves and soaking up the sun made for another “best day ever.” In unison we said, “And we almost missed it.”

So why do I tell you this story? Because there are so many wonderful spiritual treasures within. Join me next week for part two as I share how God is using this experience in my life today.

Until then, be careful which report you listen to.


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